Monday, February 1, 2010

BBQ Pork

As I stood looking at the leftover pork roast that was full of flavor, I wondered what I could make that my husband would love. My husband is a simple guy and should have been from the south. He's never turned down any BBQ. It's like pizza, it's all good even when it's bad.

I cut up the pork and cooked it a second time on the stove. I added worsterchire sauce and fresh cracked pepper to the pan and let it cook until it was browning a second time. Once it was hot, I added my favorite BBQ sauce. Add the amount of sauce that makes you happy.

Ok, I know how boring. It isn't the sandwich that makes the meal. It is the side dish. And, you can't have a BBQ sandwich without some fresh sweet potato fries.

For the best fries, sweet or regular, try the double frying method. Fry the first time in 325 degree oil until they are floating on the top of the oil. Remove and let cool. Once they are cool, turn the oil up to 400 degrees. Drop back in the fryer until nice and brown. Dark brown for sweet and golden brown for regular. Once removed, toss with a light dusting of salt. If you want to make the sweet potato fries interesting, dust with brown sugar.

Leftover factor:  We started with leftovers, but if the family doesn't empty the pan then you are set for sandwiches again or use in a hot dog bun for a fun lunch for kids.

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