Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Kool-Aid Pie

Kool-Aid that will make you look like a queen in the kitchen. And before you turn your nose up at it, you have to try it.

2 packages of kool-aid or 1 tub of Crystal Light (add 1/2 cup sugar if you use the unsweetened kool-aid)
2 bricks of cream cheese
2 tubs of whipped cream (I use sugar free or light)
1 pie crust (I use a chocolate graham or crushed oreo depending on the flavor)

Whip together all the ingredients and put in the pie crust (already baked if using regular).  Leave in the fridge for an hour and serve. I like to garnish mine with Lindt truffles, chocolate drizzle, chocolate chips or chocolate shavings.

Simple and delish!

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